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CIV World Conference 2019: the 6th edition of this event!

Dear colleagues and friends,

The sixth edition of the CIV World Conference will be held in Paris on 13 and 14 December 2019, at the Méridien Etoile. As is the case every year, I hope that many of you will support and participate in this event which has received high praise for being resolutely modern, innovative and original. It will provide a wonderful opportunity for you to meet the partner companies who support us as well as the many experts who will be sharing their valuable experiences.

Presentations will be based on two main themes: Updates in Carotid Surgery and Current treatment for Critical Lower Limb Ischemia. Within these two areas of our expertise, many new procedures, in particular endovascular techniques and devices, have been developed and perfected in recent years. Our speakers’ mission will therefore be to share useful information, enabling you to either improve your current daily practices, or simply confirm that they are in line with modern techniques.

In-between these themed sessions, we will be offering a new feature for 2018, which will replace the usual pre-lunch readings: the 30’ SMS (Short Message Session). On both days, six speakers will deliver an “instant” message regarding the results of a recent study, a new device, an innovative technique, etc.

I look forward to seeing you all in Paris on 7 and 8 December 2018 to take part in international discussions that I hope will exceed your expectations and permit us to broaden our knowledge together.

Best regards.
Prof. Laurent Chiche